Why Us

Why I U Thakur Company Secretary Firm?

At I U Thakur Company Secretary Firm , we have highly experienced staff, who have professionalized skill. We believe in strategic thinking and tactical implementation.

We give you immediate help in case the clients need any. We ensure that you are also satisfied and all your work becomes hassle free.

  What is the value addition when you work with us?

We can ensure you about the due compliance of compliance laws. We can ensure you about the accuracy of data. There will be timely and proper maintenance of records. There will be standardization of work and processes. You are getting professional service at reasonable cost.

 I .U Thakur Company Secretary Firm  is an All business Essential services Provider; which takes over the complete burden of your Business.

 There are chances that your books are not in order for reasons like lack of time due to busy work schedule, difficulty in having skilled manpower at reasonable cost and also that you are not always conversant with complicated Legal rules and norms.

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