Gujarat VAT

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1The Gujarat Value Added Tax Act, 2003VAT
2The Gujarat Value Added Tax Amendment Act, 2006VAT
3The Central Sales Tax Act,1956 CST
4 The Gujarat Motor Spirit Cess Act, 2001 CESS
5PT Act 1976 - 2008Profession Tax
6PT Rules 1976 - 2008Profession Tax
7The Gujarat Tax on Entry of Specified Goods into Local Areas Act, 2001Entry Tax
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1The Gujarat Value Added Tax Rules, 2006 VAT
2The Gujarat Motor Spirit Cess Rules, 2001 CESS
3The Gujarat Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment Rules, 1976 Profession Tax
4The Gujarat Tax on Entry of Specified Goods into Local Areas Rules, 2001Sugarcane Tax
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102 Nov 16Amendment for Refund Adjustment under Entry Tax Rules Miscellaneous ET
201 Aug 16Additional Forms for Textile Incentives Industrial Incentives VAT
301 May 16Increase in Rate of Cess on Petrol and Disel Rate of TAX CESS
401 May 16Increase in Rate of Tax on Petrol and Disel Rate of TAX VAT
530 Apr 16Notification of deletion in under section 5(2) Rate of TAX VAT
630 Apr 16Notification of Kerosiane Miscellaneous VAT
727 Jan 16No Tax credit on cigarette sold interstate Miscellaneous VAT
815 Jan 16Examption on Technical grade Urea Rate of TAX VAT
904 Jan 16Entry Tax Rules Amendment for E-Commerce Rules ET
1004 Jan 16Entry Tax On E-Commerce & Vehicles Rate of TAX ET
1104 Jan 16Salt used in manufacture of goods made taxable Rate of TAX VAT
1204 Jan 16Tax Relief On Goods under section 5(2) Rate of TAX VAT
1317 Dec 15Notifying checkpost at Saputara Enforcement - Checkpost VAT
1423 Nov 15Restructuring of Kotdasangani and lodhika Miscellaneous VAT
1520 Oct 15Exemption of purchase tax on sugar cane Rate of TAX VAT
1631 Aug 15Exemption on narrow woven fabric at sl no 100,102,103 & 107 Rate of TAX VAT
1719 Jun 15Remission of tax on RLNG sold to Power plant Miscellaneous VAT
1826 May 15Extention of Amnesty Scheme for Civil Works Contracts Miscellaneous VAT
1918 May 15Amendment of Rule 18E BIFR-Incentives Industrial Incentives VAT
2012 Feb 15 Implimentation of Revised E-Permit order dated 12-02-2015 effective from 15-02-2015 Enforcement - Checkpost VAT
2122 Jan 15 Remission of Entry Tax on Yarn for Dyeing Job WorkMiscellaneous ET
2222 Jan 15 Remission of Entry TAX on Yarn for Weaving jobworkMiscellaneous ET
2321 Jan 15 Regarding Exemption of tax u-s 5-2-a on Technical grade urea and soap hand made manufactured with use of motor up to 3 HpRate of TAX Vat
2404 Jan 15taxability of Technical textiles and exemption on oral contraceptive pills Isabgul and Isabgul husk and reduction in tax on Imitation jewelry and A T F Miscellaneous VAT
2504 Jan 15Grant of refund to the K V I B dealers on purchase of cotton rovings Miscellaneous VAT
2603 Dec 14 Order specifying all taxable goods and electronic system for form 402_403_405Enforcement - Checkpost Vat
2715 Oct 14 Amendment_in_Rule_19,37_&_44RulesVat
2814 Oct 14Resolution for Remmission of Intrest & Penalty in case of civil contractsMiscellaneous Vat
2914 Oct 14Amendment in Rule 28 for civil works contractsRulesVat
3023 Sep 14Regarding deletion of entry-69 of the notification us 5(2) pertaining to LPG for domestic useMiscellaneous Vat
3123 Sep 14Regarding 1% Reduction in ITC under section 11(6)Miscellaneous Vat
3225 Aug 14Notification regarding Reorganization of Commercial Tax DepartmentMiscellaneous OTHER
3331 Jul 14Notifying new checkpost at Ambaji and ZalodEnforcement - Checkpost  
3401 Apr 13Gujarat VAT NotificaionExemption under Section 5(2)Notifications By Govt
3501 Apr 13Gujarat VAT NotificaionGujarat State Tax on ProffessionNotifications By Govt
3603 Oct 12Gujarat VAT NotificaionRegarding Rate of Tax of stainless steel flats and sheets (patta or pattiNotifications By Govt
3703 Oct 12Gujarat VAT NotificaionRegarding rate of Tax stainless steel utensil and circleNotifications By Govt
3803 Oct 12Gujarat VAT NotificaionRemission of Entry Tax on Yarn for weaving Job workNotifications By Govt
3917 Sep 12Gujarat VAT NotificaionExemption to Rail coaches,engine,Metro rail coaches etcNotifications By Govt
4031 Mar 12Gujarat VAT NotificaionAmendment in scheduleNotifications By Govt
4108 Sep 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionRemission of tax on golaNotifications By Govt
4216 Jun 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionAmendment in lump sum return - Form 202 ...Notifications By Govt
4311 May 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionAmendment in schedule ...Notifications By Govt
4427 Apr 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionAmendments in Schedule II ..papadkhar, polishes..Precipitated SilicaNotifications By Govt
4526 Apr 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionAviation Turbine fuel .....Notifications By Govt
4611 Apr 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionAmendment in the ScheduleNotifications By Govt
4701 Apr 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionConcessional rates for Metro coaches . ..& partsNotifications By Govt
4801 Apr 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionRemission of Tax for Cotton seed - oil cakes and deoiled cakesNotifications By Govt
4901 Apr 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionAmendment in Notification of List of IT products datd 01/08/2009Notifications By Govt
5030 Mar 11Gujarat VAT NotificaionAmendments in sections of VAT actNotifications By Govt
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 178 items in 4 pages
102 Jun 16Extention in time limit for e-payment Return and Challan
201 Jun 16E-Payment mandatory for Fifty thousand rupees and above Return and Challan
301 May 16Increase in Rate of Tax and Cess on Petrol and Disel Rate of TAX
422 Mar 16Extention for E-Payment Return and Challan
529 Feb 16Extention For Time limit of E-Return Return and Challan
601 Jan 16Extention in time limit for Audit Report 2014-15 Assessment / Audit
701 Jan 16Extention in time limit for Annual Return 2014-15 Return and Challan
811 Oct 15Revised time limit for monthly,quarterly Returns Return and Challan
907 Oct 15Clarification regarding taxability of Fishing Net Rate of TAX
1018 Jun 15provisonal refund in 3 steps new circular _ Miscellaneous
1118 Apr 15Electonically Generated Form 402,403 and 405 for all taxable goods. Enforcement - Checkpost
1206 Mar 15Extention in scheme for Civil Works Contracts Miscellaneous
1328 Jan 15Online Forms Extension for filling Audit Report & Annual Return
1428 Jan 15Miscellaneous Extension in Time limit for application under works contract scheme
1513 Jan 15Miscellaneous Timelimit extention for application under works contract scheme
1607 Jan 15Extension for Audit Report for 2013-14 Assessment / Audit
1707 Jan 15Extension for Annual Return for 2014-15 Return and Challan
1820 Dec 14Enforcement - Checkpost Implimentation of revised e-permit order and circular dated 20 Dec 2014 shall come into effect from 22 Dec 2014
1920 Dec 14Miscellaneous Time limit for application for civil works contract scheme
2012 Dec 14Enforcement - Checkpost Circular_for_specified_goods_and_electronic_system_for_form402_403_405_revised
2103 Dec 14Enforcement - Checkpost Circular for specified goods and electronic system for form402, 403 and 405
2218 Nov 14Rate of TAX Regarding works contractor scheme 2014
2327 Oct 14Miscellaneous Amendment in Rules for online filling of returns,Audit report
2427 Oct 14Assessment / Audit Extention in time limit for annual return
2521 Oct 14Miscellaneous Extention for Audit Report for the year 2013-14
2615 Oct 14Return and Challan Regarding Extension in time limit for submission of manual quarterly returns for the tax period ending on 30 09 2014
2730 Jul 14Return and Challan Regarding Extension of Time limit for submitting monthly,quarterly manually returns for tax period of june 2014
2815 Jul 14Assessment / Audit Under Section 63 Audit Report
2931 Jan 14Miscellaneous Disqualifying Shri Maheshchandra V Parmar CTP U/S 81(2)
3031 Jan 14Miscellaneous Determination under section 80, July-2013 to Dec-2013
3120 Dec 13RulesRegarding extention of time limit for submitting Annual return in form 205 for 2012-13
3220 Dec 13RulesRegarding extension of time limit for obtainning Audit Report under sec 63 for 2012-13
3311 Nov 13Assesment/AuditRelaxetion in statement of particulars of Audit Report -2012-13
3402 Nov 13MiscellaneousAmendment for deletion of Jiru and variali from specified goods
3502 Nov 13MiscellaneousAmendment for deletion of Jiru and variali from specified goods
3630 Oct 13Return & chllan Extension in Tme Limit for mannual Return for the tax period ending on 30 Sep.2013
3709 Oct 13MiscellaneousRegarding Digital Signature
3816 Aug 13Rate of taxClarification of rate of Tax on Glass pearls (beads)
3929 Jul 13MiscellaneousDetermination under section 80, Jan-2013 to Jun-2013
4021 May 13MiscellaneousRegarding Tax credit U/S 11(7A)
4108 Apr 13VAT CircularsDetermination under section 80 July -2012 to Dec.-2012
4201 Feb 13VAT CircularsRegarding effect date of Certificate of Entitlement. Form - jw-2
4315 Dec 12VAT CircularsRegarding Audit Report 2011-2012
4414 Dec 12VAT CircularsExtension Of Annual Return -205
4506 Dec 12VAT CircularsRegarding Commodity Code
4604 Dec 12VAT CircularsRegarding Audit Report 2011-12
4720 Aug 12VAT CircularsRegarding rate of tax of pigment
4801 Aug 12VAT CircularsRegarding rate of Tax of sakar.patasa.harada,sakariya
4902 Jul 12VAT CircularsRegarding summary of determination under section 80
5001 May 12VAT CircularsExtension of MARG Forms 402/403
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 86 items in 2 pages
1 Form 101 Application For VAT Registration
2 Form 101A Details of Additional Places of Business
3 Form 101B Address of Branches and Godowns outside Gujarat
4 Form 101C Specimen signature of Authorized person
5 Form 101D Details of Partners / Directors
6 Form 101E Addition information of Business
7 Form 101F Declaration for Registration
8 Form 102 Certification of VAT Registration
9 Form 103 Application for Cancellation of Registration
10 Form 104 Notice for Suspension / Cancellation of Registration
11 Form 105 Security under section 28
12 Form 106 Declaration/Revised declaration regarding manager of business
13 Form 107 Declaration/Revised declaration regarding bank accounts
14 Form 108 Statement of goods held in stock (on 31/03/2006)
15 Form 201 Monthly return
16 Form 201A List of Sales
17 Form 201B List of Purchases
18 Form 201C Balance of Stock
19 Form 202 Quarterly / Annual return for Lump Sum Dealers
20 Form 202A List of Purchases for Lump Sum Dealers
21 Form 203 Monthly / Annual return of incentives
22 Form 204 Monthly / Annual return of deferment of tax
23 Form 205 Annual return
24 Form 205A Addition Information of Business
25 Form 206 Application for Permission to file separate return
26 Form 207 Challan
27 Form 208 Notice for Crossing Threshold of Turnover
28 Form 209 Application for Exemption from filing returns
29 Form 210 Application for Permission to pay Lump Sum tax
30 Form 211 Permission to pay Lump Sum tax
31 Form 212 MST Return
32 Form 213 Daily Account of MST Commodities
33 Form 214 Application for Permission to pay composition for works contract
34 Form 215 Permission to pay composition for works contract
35 Form 216 Statement for composition of works contract
36 Form 301 Notice for Provisional Assessment
37 Form 302 Notice for Audit Assessment
38 Form 303 Notice for Re-assessment
39 Form 304 Assessment Order
40 Form 305 Demand Notice
41 Form 306 Application for Provisional Refund
42 Form 307 Refund / Interest Payment Order
43 Form 308 Refund Adjustment Order
44 Form 309 Notice for Imposing Penalty
45 Form 310 Order for compounding of offences
46 Form 401 General notice for seeking information
47 Form 402 Movement of goods within / going outside the state
48 Form 403 Goods entering into the state from other states
49 Form 404 Application for Transit pass
50 Form 405 Issue of Transit pass
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